My Testimony

     Although drug free & sober, my M.S. became worse.  I had no choice but to check in to 2 different nursing homes for medical treatment. Out of desperation due to no medical cure available, I turned to the Bible to learn what God says about healing.  To my surprise, I learned that God has already provided my healing (1 Peter 2:24 & Isaiah 53:3-5).  But I struggled with condemnation from my previous life.  I wondered if God would heal a sinner like me.  But verses such as James 5:15, where faith shall save the sick and they shall be forgiven, instilled a desire to learn more about the God of the Bible. After receiving a revelation of God’s unconditional love & grace, which includes physical healing, I applied these Gospel truths to my life.

     My childhood & teenage years were characterized by inner turmoil.  I turned to alcohol & drugs to mask the pain but that just magnified the emptiness inside of me.  My bad life style resulted in dismissal from High School. Furthermore, in 2003, I was diagnosed with M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis), an incurable disease. I coped with my diagnosis through heavier drug use, which lead to suicidal thoughts.  Realizing the severity of the situation, I entered the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center for help.  In 2008, I became drug free & sober. 

     I was eventually lead to Charis Bible College in Sept 2015. And as of 2016, I am totally and completely HEALED from M.S. 

     Within May 2017, I became a licensed Minister.  I believe God called me to share with others how they can apply what I used, the Gospel, to receive their Healing & Deliverance from ANYTHING.


     To see people FREED from the bondage of religion and the deceptions in this world through the simplicity of the Gospel of God’s Unconditional Love & Grace.


     To share how others can apply what I used, the Gospel, to receive their Healing & Deliverance from ANYTHING.


     Jeremiah Klaas Ministries (JKM) is dedicated to change peoples’ perception of God through teaching & preaching the true Gospel; and through sharing my testimony as an overcomer: to  break the bondage of religion, sickness, addiction, poverty & sin;  in order to live an ABUNDANT life in Christ.